Friday, 15 February 2013

My first social alienation

It's been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog. I've been relatively busy.

I am still in school, just coasting through, I cannot become engaged in my studies, before I have reached this progression in my vision, when I was able to study and act like a regular student, things came easier to me, so it wasn't as difficult to not put effort but also do well. Now everything is just so difficult.

I started a business. I have contemplated the idea of starting one for about a year now, and finally decided to go for it. I sell branded clothing and accessories to universities at the moment, and hopefuly over time enter into other areas. By no means am I a Bill Gates at the moment, or will be anytime soon. But I did recieve an order from a local university and will be delivering the product within the next 2 weeks, which is exciting.

So I have been dating my girlfriend now since July. It is nice having a girlfriend, I care about her alot, and she is my best friend. A big issue with our relationship: Neither of us can drive. Considering she lives in the middle of no where, there is no public transit access. To get around this complication, my mom drives us back and forth, she lives 45 minutes away, so you could imagine how timely the drives can be. Fortunately my mom is a very wonderful woman and told me, when my license got taken away, she told me she would drive me where I need to go, no questions asked (to a reasonable extent).

I have never had issues with not being able to drive. I still dont to be honest, and for the most part, other people understand my situation and are sensitive towards my struggles. Today that has changed. My girlfriend has a friend, a massive massive bitch. This girl does not have a single positive quality about her, she is a huge piece of shit. Not only does she put my girlfriend down anytime she has the chance, but also undermines her in any way she can. It wasn't until this week she said something about me:

Me and my mom drove to her school to pick her up on valentines day, it was a surprise. The next day, my girlfriends friend (a different friend) said, where were you today? She responded with "Kyle drove me home this afternoon, the roads were bad I had to stay over" the piece of shit friend said, and i quote
"Kyle's mom drove you home, don't kid yourself, your boyfriend doesn't even have his license"
Then she continued to talk about, in short, how its embarrassing to be almost 21 years old and not have a drivers license. To be honest, I really couldn't care less if she thinks im less of a man, or less of a person because I do not have a license, or if she believes not having a license has a reflection on me as a person, but she really has some nerve to even open her mouth. I would be embarrassed if i was her, not me.
Anyways, there are many sensitive people, but it takes hundreds of sensitive people to make up for that one insensitive one. I was diagnosed 2 years ago march, 2 years is comming up really fast, it has only been 2 years and it seems like the ammount of  issues i face pile up, I couldnt imagine 20 years of this

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